Tracing and documenting the competition history of Ford Sierra Cosworth C234 HVW...

I've been doing some research into the long and eventful competition history of C234 HVW, trying to piece together a comprehensive portfolio of it's various owners/drivers and their championship and event success or otherwise!

So far, this is what I have pieced together...
  • One of the first Sierra Cosworths built late (October) 1985.
  • Originally FIA homologated in Group B for the 1986 season.
  • Built by Ford Motorsport, Boreham, Essex in late 1985, along with 6 more cars for the Securicor Challenge.
  • Finished a close 2nd (behind Phil Collins, C240 HVW) in the Securicor Challenge, driven by 3 times National Rally Champion Chris Mellors.
  • Debuted the Sierra on the WRC for Ford Motorsport on the RAC in December 1986.
  • Run by multiple Irish Rally Champion Bertie Fisher on the 1987 Manx International, lead Group N until SS35 - DNF (electrical)
  • Won the British Rally Championship (Group N) with Gwyndaf Evans/Howard Davis in 1988, running on the RAC the same year for Gwyndaf's first attempt (of approx 20) leading Group N for 3 days, before an off in Kielder)

If you know anymore history on this car, please get in touch ;-)

The Sierra Cosworth shell restoration is now complete, so let the rebuild begin...

The Sierra has now returned from the bodyshop with the shell rebuilt, new wings , various other panels and a superb quality repaint inside and out - finally it looks a million dollars, which it should do after that bill ;-) A detailed inspection of all seam welding on this original Ford Motorsport 909 shell was carried out, and any small repairs it required were performed whilst the shell was stripped to bare metal.

A start has been made on the rebuild, with Rory from Windscreens-On-Wheels returning to refit the glass, including a new rear windscreen and plenty of (rare as hens teeth!) seals...

The new fuel tank, guard and pipework arrives soon, so we can make a start on returning the fuel system back to period Group N again...

C234 HVW is now ready for its new paintwork!

Just back from the bodyshop this afternoon, and progress on C234 HVW has been really good, with its major structural work now complete, new wings etc and the outside of the shell fully prepared and ready for it's top coats early next week.

The original fuel filler neck has also been rebuilt, allowing us to put back the period Group N fuel tank, cradle, pumps and filter setup - replacing the later Group A bag tank.

Quality is nothing less than we have come to expect from Mike, so can't wait to see the finished article, no doubt better than factory!

Action from the 1988 'British Midland' Ulster International Rally...

A great action shot from the 1988 'British Midland' Ulster International Rally and C234 HVW in full flight with Gwyndaf Evans at the wheel, on their way to a Production class win and 9th overall.

Gwyndaf Evans winning Group N on the 1988 Ulster International Rally

Found this great shot of Gwyndaf Evans and Howard Davis winning Group N on the 1988 Ulster International (and 9th Overall), the year they took the BRC Group N championship title in C234 HVW. Check out those authentic 80's barnets and 'Farah's' ;-)

Many thanks to Fergus at RallyRetro for the image!

Rally Images Archive website

I've found a really useful website this week, essentially a rally images archive from the last 20 or so years of Irish and UK rallying. I was looking for some shots of the Sierra with Gwyndaf Evans driving - specifically from the 1988 BRC winning season, and the sites simple Driver/Event search function made the task very easy!

Tracked down around 15 photographs from 1987 onwards, showing C234 HVW in scrutineering, on stage and the winners rostrum - particualry useful was the '88 Ulster International win, complete with eigthies babes with 'big hair', champagne and cheesy grins ;-)

If you looking for period rallying action photo's, alongside Kleins directory, this is also worth a look -

Rally Incar Footage Videos added

I've added some of the old rally incar footage videos to the Blog, to liven the place up a little. Brought back some good memories and a few giggles digging these out too, especially this one - I have not forgotten about the sick bags and the look on the lady marshalls faces at the passage control near Dalby Penny ;-)